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Default Re: Han Solo Will Return

Originally Posted by Marvolo View Post
Idk that might be a little too much like what happened between Indiana and Marion in Crystal Skulls. I do like the idea of him still smuggling tho. If the Star Wars Reclamation stuff is anything to go on Leia is busy with running a government in between ROTJ and VII so things could be tense in the marriage but I think they will still be together.

And lmao off at "wookie piece of ****"! I want that in VII somewhere. One thing I loved in abram's star trek was the jibes at Spock: "green blooded hobgoblin" "pointy eared bastard". I would like some stuff like that in VII.
I probably should post that in the general news thread, but the Reclamation project was already debunked by Lucasfilm, so it's not real.

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