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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread.

since i'm stuck in a meeting, i was looking for reactions from tonight's premier on twitter,

here are some recent ones

Chloe Tangney ‏@ChloeTangney 7m
Iron Man 3 Premier !!!! LOVED it!!! Amazing film!! Want to watch it again!!! ✔😊🎬!! X
Deborah Sheppard ‏@Iheartcinema 10m
Iron Man 3 is a LOT of fun, way better than no.2. Gwynnie gets to shine and Ben Kingsley is genius. Shane Black a great choice to direct.
Chris Nottingham ‏@pat_gas 5m
Iron man 3 wore a bit thin after a bit, Downey Jr was good but other characters less so. 3d was pants. It's a miss from me.
Lance Julian ‏@Lacney 2m
Iron Man 3 was amazing. Not really what I expected. Plus Mark 42 3D glasses were a bonus
Peanut Turner ‏@peanutismint 7m
Iron Man 3 - Stark is Stark. Baddies are bad. All things considered, a great way to kick off the summer blockbuster season. B-
Neil Rushby ‏@The_NeilRushby 8m
Just seen Iron Man 3. Built story slowly but very funny and kept you gripped to the very end #starreview
Natalie Taylor ‏@_Natalie_x 9m
Iron man 3 was so epic!!!! thanks @CineSheff for the screening and awesome 3D glasses!! @natashamay17
ant cook ‏@antonbar247 13m
im just gonna put it out there Iron man 3 #AWESOME #1weekearly
Adam ‏@adamrubins 14m
Iron Man 3 is the most quotable Marvel movie yet. An absolute epic summer blockbuster and an absolute blast #IronMan3
Luke Hearn ‏@babyhippo77 46m
All I am going to say is wow, what a film!!
Luke Hearn ‏@babyhippo77 12m
Yes after thinking it about it, Iron Man 3, 2nd best film after Avengers!! Really enjoyed it

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