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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread.

From a guy on

ust got back.

Contrary to all the twitter reactions posted on here so far I was decidedly mixed on the film. Personally felt it was comfortably the weakest of the three. Those that struggle to suspend their disbelief will have a hard time getting over some of what happens in Iron Man 3. Whilst well made and enjoyable I have many issues, one in particular that I'll never be able to overcome. It's fun, but if you're expecting it to be another Avengers, quality wise...lower those expectations.

Not trying to be too hard on it. What's good is great. The much vaunted plane sequence is absolutely breathtaking.

I'll wait until you've all seen it to discuss specifics. I'll be amazed if it gets over 70% on RT

I think the mainstream will lap it all up. Yet for those of us who are really into this huge Marvel opus they've created, there's things here that are just not good enough.

I'd still give it three stars out of five.

I didn't like it as much as Iron Man 2, plainly because its problems are not getting sidetracked by setting up another film; they're just problems that I can't ignore. It's all subjective. What some will have their head in their hands over, others will really enjoy.

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