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Default Re: Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

Originally Posted by Soapy View Post
Really? I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but look how vibrant and crisp the original game's graphics are:

LTTP2 looks very muddy and washed out in comparison.

Another comparison for Yoshi's Island:

The original game has a very beautiful hand drawn look to it. Whereas, the new one is kind of a smudgy mess:

These games also suffer some of the same problems I have with the New Super Mario Bros. games in that they have a very sterile look and lack personality. I don't think this is a problem with Nintendo necesarily, I think it more lies in recreating 2D classics in a no-frills 3D style. It's frustrating to see Nintendo go down this NSMB road again with two other series when I know they're capable of making great looking 2D games.

Having said that, I'm not making a snap judgement. I'm more than willing to wait for the final games to decide whether or not they're worth a purchase, but I was just kind of disappointed with what they showed of them today.

And before anyone throws the "nostalgia goggles" accusation at me, let me say that I barely played any of the original Yoshi's Island, and honestly wasn't crazy what I did play of it. I just think that original game is insanely pretty and kind of a technical marvel to boot.
Meh, 3DS screen shots always look muddy...Then when you play them you actually see how nice they look.

Have you watched the actual 3D video of LTTP2? There's one on the eShop and it's pretty sweet.

I too love old school "hand drawn" pixels...But I too also like what we're getting here. They look like a blend of both worlds to me.

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