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Default Re: Snipes is out of prison- Time to bring back Blade?

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
Well I highly doubt Snipes had much to do in changing the defining features of the character I.e. origins, personality, powers, and weaknesses. That was all writing. I'm not denying Snipes brought the flare to the character like how RDJ does with Tony Stark. But what I'm saying is the New Line Cinema version of the character is vastly different than the Marvel comic book version and if Marvel is going to bring him into.their MCU they're more than likely going to go with their original version and not someone else's
How can you know for sure that Snipes didn't have some say so in redefining Blade's origins, personality, powers, and weaknesses? I don't want to take away from Goyer at all, and you are probably right in some respects. But I got to say I think Snipes probably had some sway in Blade's personality, or how he carried himself. The focus on martial arts, the samurai-like stoicism, I think maybe came from him. Then again, I do think Snipes wanted Blade to at least have a love scene-to show more passion-but they never let him do that.

Also, Marvel has already changed the comic character to fit more in line with the movie Blade. Especially his look and him being half-vampire/half-man so I don't think it's that much of a difference between the two versions of the character for Marvel not to take on the New Line version if they were allowed to do so.

What they didn't bring over was the other characters and stories from the films, not counting whatever comic adaptations.

I think Wesley did a whole lot to make Blade a cool character. Compare his take on Blade with Kirk Jones (really Goyer's take). Once again, I don't want to completely knock Goyer. He kept New Line from casting LL Cool J after all. But I do think the films came from a fusion of Goyer and Snipes ideas and I wished that Snipes would get the credit he deserved for what he put into the character. He helped take a D-List guy and make him a viable franchise. I don't think that's been done since. Even Ghost Rider had a higher profile than Blade before he came to the big screen.

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