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Default Re: The Official Cell Phone Junkies Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by the dmg View Post
I will. I'm about to download the beta version right now, but it seems that will be closed off soon and he'll only have his paid version up afterwards. That seems to be the only downside right now.
Hadn't noticed that before. The description mentions a free version might come out. The widget was crashing for me, so I had to uninstall, reboot, and reinstall to get it working. I actually think Circle Battery Widget looks better since it's slightly larger when I made it 1x2.

I haven't tried Prime yet, but I've been a big fan of Go Launcher EX. It gives me a lot of options, and allows me to be as minimalist as possible. I agree about TB being a must have and worth every penny.
I used Go Launcher for awhile. Then it started to feel bloated and since I was on ICS, I had other options. I have a special place for it since, after I rooted, I was able to get my phone to at least look like it had ICS.

Also, my Bionic can update to JB now! Should I do a factory reset before or after I install the update? I definitely will do it immediately this time since I had issues with ICS that didn't go away until I reset.

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