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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the sequel for Man of Steel?

I think we're at a point in history where Lex Luthor is obviously Superman's "Joker." He has nothing in common with Superman but a stage. Lex Luthor, whom we can expect to be set up in MOS, is the one who fields enemies, who plays on Superman's greatest weakness: his paragonness. Lex Luthor is the one who can stand in Superman's face, hit him where it hurts most and laugh, putting his arm around the big guy and waving to the crowd. No one else can do that. If you want to put Superman through heck, you gotta make Lex what he's supposed to be, even if a shadow of Luthor has been overused in previous films.

It doesn't hurt that Luthor can drop Metallo, or Bizzarro, or Parasite or whatever on Superman easy-peasy.

Brainiac is a great physical villain, but, despite his name, he doesn't outsmart Superman in stories, not because he can't, but because that's not what the character is about at its core. Brainiac isn't a mastermind. He's almost a force of nature, but not a mastermind.

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