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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation - Part 9

Originally Posted by Dusty_Lane View Post
Holy crap! That's the first time I've ever seen that "whole other conversation" part? That's been left out of some of the other news printings on this story. Now that really has me thinking! For the sake of pure speculation it's sounding more and more like a situation where WB told El Mayimbe to shut the hell up and print a retracton of sorts. Again, El went as far as to say that the idea wasn't necessarily dead. Jett on the other hand has. Wondering if he's just getting all his information from Mayimbe and twisting it to his own personal conclusions. Do the majorty of you here put faith into anything Jett reports?
Jett is wrong most of the time. Sometimes he's right, sometimes not so much. I don't think he's twisting it. He hates the idea BUT I do think that WB told Jetts source not to shut up but told these people lies. Elmay could know something but even he might have been told something like "negotiations are almost dead".

Elmay is actually excited about bale which might be why he retweeted the goyer info. Jett on the other hand said something sarcastic about it, but he doesn't have the inside info that ElMayimbe does.

Elmayimbe even said in the podcast that negotiations aren't completely dead and to remember, things change so fast all the time.

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