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Default Re: The "Keep Hope Alive" (that the rights can revert back to Marvel) thread

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
First Class was not a reboot.It was prequel that took so liberties.
There were too many inconsistencies with the original trilogy to call it a straight prequel. What about calling it a prebootquel?

People are Ignoring bad blood between Fox and DIsney.Disney cancled the star wars 3-d rereleases to keep Fox from making money on them.Disney will make sure there Is no merchadise for any X-Men or FF films.
I am not ignoring it at all. But what better opportunity for FOX and Disney to work towards agreement on the Star Wars films (with FOX holding the rights to the first film in perpetuity) than by starting with a relatively minor IP like the FF?

What Is In It for Fox to make deal with Disney?
Because the FF rebooted into the MCU in the Avengers/Iron Man late spring slot in 2016, introduced in the Avengers 2 post credit scene, supported with store shelves filled with related merchandise and marketed by Disney would be far more lucrative (in my opinion) than the March 2015 release FOX is currently planning. There's plenty of room for FOX and Disney to make a satisfactory deal.

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