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Default Re: Offical The Legend of Zelda Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Doc Ock View Post
A top-down game can still be amazing, especially with today's technology. Having a top-down game on the 3DS can show the amazing things the system can be capable of.
I'm skeptical. But then I really want to see a Zelda with a powerful graphics engine. Sweeping vistas, huge open landscapes, detailed monsters, etc.

Back when they first made Zelda (i.e. the original) they were very limited by the technology. It was either top-down, or side-scrolling.

I see both as fairly limiting. Both visually, and from a gameplay perspective.

In the case of the 3DS though, while I do enjoy the top-down games, it just doesn't compare with the grandness of Ocarina of Time (even though the game is quite old).

Though I freely admit that nostalgia for OoT may be biasing my judgment.

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