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Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
I've never really understood the seemingly universal hatred for TDKR among comic book movie websites and forums. Seems the critics and GA saw it in the 85% range of approval, and I'd agree with that number in my own judgement.

Well I liked it when I first saw it, because my excitement was making me ignore the BS. After 6 viewings the movie is just a mess. Cliche nuke threat, idiotic over complicated drawn out doomsday plan, Talia, Bane death, inconsistent pace, overall lack of batman, good will hunting ending, logic holes the size of texas, script issues, editing issues etc. etc. etc. It doesn't hold up to much scrutiny.

And I'm not one of the people that had a problem with bruce getting back to gotham so quick. I see that being brought up a lot at forums, but that didnt bother me. He's the batman and can do that kind of stuff. Its all the other crap I can't stand.

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