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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation - Part 9

Originally Posted by The Eradicator View Post
I don't think that Bruce and Selina have to be broken up - Selina can definitely still be Bruce's love interest/wife, and since Hathaway loved the role, I think she would jump at an opportunity to show up in either JL or WF.

And for the record, I think Batman and Superman together would be enough for WB to compete with Marvel and Disney (this whole BS about a Star Wars film every year after 2015 is total overkill. Disney is going to end up destroying any good will the audience might have, talk about burn out). I would much prefer WF over JL, but if they end up going with JL, they need to make it really epic.
I agree. They have to lay the ground work very carefully with the other 3 heroes and make the threat a huge deal in scope. It's even harder including a rebooted Batman because you have to introduce not 3 but then FOUR new characters...which will take even longer to set up JL.

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