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Monsieur Xavier is pretty much spot on about the TET.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
It lured in Jack Harper who was supposed to be one of our finest, an astronaut and I assume a military man. Then they cloned him, perhaps 1,000's of times and an army of Jacks were sent to Earth to wipe us out. Once done they left clones of Jack and the only other human they had, Vicka, and created the backstory for them in order to keep them in line with the traditional human life of husband and wife along with sense of duty as both were clearly that type as they went to examine the TET to begin with.

The part about Titan was so they would fly up after so many rotations to be replaced by new clones as the TET knew eventually one or both would potentially start to ask too many questions and need replacing, plus to keep the clones motivated they needed something to aim for, that was what Titan represented.

Originally Posted by scifiwolf View Post
I found this while reviewing sketches for some design studies I'm doing. Scrolling down through the guest speakers' profiles, I came across Daniel Simon, who did some art for Oblivion. The example they have posted is an iteration for the bubble ship. Pretty cool to see the influences of the old Bell 47 and dragonflies to build up the form. It was something I hadn't seen before, so I thought I'd post it to share. Also figured if any Hypers are able to attend the workshop, they might enjoy it.

Awesome! Thanks for posting this, I stand by my view that the bubble ship is the greatest sci fi vehicle created since the Falcon and Salve 1. I'm disappointed that no collectibles company has made a model of it.

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