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Default Re: The "Keep Hope Alive" (that the rights can revert back to Marvel) thread

A reboot means other X-Men films didn't happen.That clearly wasn't the case.Especilly now with DOFP.First Class had more connection to X-Men/X2 than say Star Trek 2009 had to entire past trek franchise.

Disney would rather A new Hope never be seen again than let Fox get some money from Star Wars.As for other films don't expect any more releases of them till 2020 when Fox's distribution rights to empire,jedi,and prequels ends.

Your assuming DIsney would Immedetly jump on FF.GotG being exception DIsney only seems Intrested In Avengers related films.GotG may exsist simply to build up Thanos for Avengers sequel.

Disney doesn't make deals If they don't have to.They would rather just buy out companys.

Why would Fox take a small perchange of one film when they could do the franchise themselves.At least Fox has guts to put Zazis In First Class while Disney downplays nazis
In Captain America and makes Hydra villains.And Hydra was a post WWII organization In comics.

What happened with Star wars makes It less likely Fox would be willing to make a deal.COnsidering what they did to Mandarian In Iron Man 3 who knows what Disney would do to Doom.

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