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Default advance ticket/ticket sales...

Now I've never heard of Wal-Mart doing ticket sales but I do know that they do tons of movie promotion....I used to work there and we would promote the crap out of Harry Potter. But I'm hear this....

Wal-mart will be the location for advanced ticket sales beginning May 18, 2013 8AM (in your respective time zone,) for an EARLY screening of*Man of Steel*on June 13, 2013 at 7PM! Tickets will be for 2D and 3D, depending on the theaters in your area. This will be an in-store event.Wal-mart stores are still in the process of receiving the promotional info, but confirmation did come today from 3 different stores throughout the day. You can expect to hear more soon. Employees will have promo capes to wear, too!

it was on Superman Homepage but then they got it from the Fanpage that acts all high and mighty so I don't know how much faith you can put into it....

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