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Default Re: advance ticket/ticket sales...

Originally Posted by Kal-El.9859 View Post
holy far away from the theater do you live? 6 hours??? I have a theater like 15-20 minutes up the road. no need for a hotel....
London is the nearest IMAX theatre to me, so i'm going to the BFI IMAX first viewing. Hoping there will be a midnight one (though we didn't get Midnight screenings of TDKR last year so it's possible there won't be).

It's about a 3 hour coach journey, only bout 5/10 quid each way. But there are no coaches I could get that early in the morning (around 3am when the movie is over) so i'd have to check into a hotel before hand... I mean I can't just hang around the streets of London at 3am on a friday night

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