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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate

Famke's new show Is now On Netflix for streaming.

Her Ignoring question hints at her possable doing cameo at end of DOFP.She didn't outright say no or say she hasn't been called which was her old line.She even Ignores The Wolverine questions even though we know full well after trailer she Is In film.

One person who reports for trade said after Anna Paquin,Shawn Ashmore,and Ellen Page were announced the entire cast would be back.Famke,James Marsden,Rebecca Romijn,
and Alan Cumming are noticly absents In film.Now could they be making surprise appearances.Very possibly.It's still Is strange James Mcavoy would list Alan Cumming.
Also strange studio would quickly insist he wasn't In filmSInce when does Fox quickly respond to rumors.Plus Bryan's own comments made nightcrawler more likely than Storm.Also Notice Bryan dodged questions about Rebecca returing.Rebecca by the way Is In Vancouver shooting a new cable show.Considering the long shoot of DOFP It's not out of question for her to get from Vancouver to Montreal.James Marsden Is doing anchorman sequel but also possable for him to get to Montreal to shoot a cameo for end of film.

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