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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by terry78 View Post
They really can't afford to kill off anyone massive since they're all pretty integral to the franchise. Hate to say it but the only characters they could kill off in the future would be female. Yes, it's a refrigerator thing, but that's the comic world.
Speaking of women in fridges, I think we could see Pepper bite it in Avengers 2. She's almost done, RDJ will only have one movie left after.

Originally Posted by Guerrilla View Post
What if they kill off big names like ironman in avengers 2 and maybe cap or thor in avengers 3 and they then happen to make an avengers 4 with Kang as the villain. Kind of use him to bring back the major players a la xmen dofp? Seems like that would be a smart save Kang for when a movie in the MCU flops/makes a mistake/goes in wrong comes Kang to "reset" the timeline.
Kang explains recasting, interestingly enough can explain recasting, bringing in a younger version of Tony, or an alternate someone else. Cap can be replaced by BuckyCap pretty easily, and Thor can be brought back with Asgardian Tech. Kang can bring *anyone* back, as you said, so there's that too.

But to be fair, that's not really "killing off" characters per se. They get killed, but they come back the very next phase, really.

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