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Default Re: Does this movie have too many characters?

I think this is a good question, but the expectation for this movie is that there will be multiple times and realities.

First there will be the present.

Then the past.

Then a new present reality because of the change to the past.

And then back to the regular present.

In some ways this is like 2 or 3 different movies all in one, and as far as casting and the number of characters I think we need to look at it in that way...

So, for the normal present we have the following:

Professor X (wheelchair)


We should expect that we will start with these characters in this timeline. There will likely be a bunch of filler/background mutants at the X-mansion as well. So what will be going on?

I would hope that they would take some time to delve into the whole Bobby/Rogue relationship and maybe even bring Kitty into it as a possible relationship tension. This might lead to a major plot point, which I have discussed in a different thread (the need for an inhibitor collar).

Will there be a baddie to take down at the start to get the movie going and to show that the X-men have been kicking butts and taking names for the past couple of years? If so, wonder who...

Anyway, at some point early in the movie something will happen to cause us to switch to the 1970's team. My speculation is that the inhibitor collar might be taken back in time by a new baddie (Fitzroy maybe? - Dinklage might work).

Now there are two ways to do things.

One is to have Bishop (Omar Sy) part of the present X-men, and the other is to make him solely from the new altered future reality. If he is part of the team already I could see him jumping into Fitzroy's timewarp and going along for a ride.

So, 1970's X-men...

Professor X


Seems we're kind of short on characters in the 70's. BooBoo might be a new 1970's character (John Proudstar (someone to kill), Sunspot or Forge), especially if they want to focus on Wolverine and Forge in the war.

I could even see Vietnam being part of the storyline, similar to how the Cuban Missile Crisis was used in First Class. Maybe this is how Nixon will be used since so much of his Presidency was wrapped around that war. His election and his undoing (Watergate) were all based on Vietnam (I've written another thread about this concept).

Now Bishop would likely be a big part of what goes on in the 70's, as would the main villain (who will likely go back in time and change the future).

Now the future, or present, depending on how you look at it, will change around one main character (Xavier or Wolverine). Now many things will be different. Some of the X-men will be dead (the X-men cemetary will be powerful). Is this where Bishop will be? Is BingBing really Blink? If so this is where she'll be. Will it be Xavier who realizes something is off due to his mental powers? Maybe they use Blink to somehow send Bishop back in time to stop something. Maybe Bishop will actually be the "bad guy" sent back to kill the one who created this future, who is Forge because he invented the collar. This is where the sentinals will be, and possibly Mastermold (if they go that route) and/or Nimrod.

I know, a lot of speculation, but from the way I see it, we actually don't have enough characters for what this movie needs to be. For example...

What about Shard?

What about Fitzroy and Bantam?

What about Mastermold and Nimrod?

Why only 2 X-men in the 70's?

Who will still be alive in the Sentinal controlled future reality?

Will there be internment camps? If so, who is captured?

I guess it all depends on which storyline and what change to the past they go with...

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