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Default Re: "DAT SMEXY": The Sexiest X-Men Photo Album

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
I remember when she did this photoshoot. It made me realize that they've been truly styling this actress ALL WRONG when it comes to Storm. Imagine that hair white and blowing just as it's shown here. Halle has the 'tude and fierceness necessary to pull this role off. But direction, costuming, hair and make-up are a HUGE part of the packaging needed to convince us of this.
Hopefully, no PRAYING that finally get all that right and they finally allow Storm and Halle to let loose. She has the acting chops to pull it off, she has the look obviously, I mean many say she doesn't look like Storm but a lifted a comic literally and the way the artist drew her reminded so much of Halle Berry. It was kind of sad because when you think about it, I mean they turned what could have been inspired casting, with an Academy Award Winning actress that resembles her character and wastes her talents and the characters' potential.

This movie better do her justice, it looks like it's doing Iceman, Kitty and Rogue justice but don't miss out Storm she's just as important and interesting. Especially Days of Future Past, I know kitty traveled to the past in the comic but I'm almost certain that Storm had equal if not more panel time then she did. I mean she appeared in both the past and future timelines. The point anyway is that this is as much her story as it is Kitty's. Singer and the rest of the powers that be better do it justice.

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