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Default Re: Does this movie have too many characters?

Originally Posted by Norek View Post
So if all the net thinks something, it's automatically true? Or that I should also think the same think as all the net?

With just 4 mutants, 2 for both the X-Men and the Brotherhood, it's not unlikely that he'll be a mutant from the past. Makes perfect sense. And since we don't have any official confirmation, it's all speculation. Just because you and everyone else like to speculate that he's Bishop, there might be others that like to think differently.
of course I know that, lol.

Its just that sometimes, I find funny some of his opinions, but its not a critic, just an observation, since he uses to say most of the time "its likely this, its unlikely that" in a way that make it seems that he and Bryan are close friends and knows perfectly what Bryan would do and wouldnt do.

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