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Default Re: Luke Cage introduced in Avengers 2, Hulk blasted into space

I like it. Couple minor things.

Willis Stryker/Diamondback. How does he get the name? He just comes up with it while Cage is in prison? How about he has it to start the film, that way the audience can follow along that Stryker is Diamondback rather than trying to figure out why he renamed himself. If Stryker had more screen time then he could be explained but your timeline doesn't seem to devote anything to his character development.

The prison population probably wouldn't like it if regular prisoners were ending up dead with no explanation. Just leave the more cutting edge experiments where dying may occur to death row folks. It's probably easier to just cut that part out all together as it doesn't involve any key players. Hey look, there's some random dude getting experimented on, then he died. What was the point of seeing that? You can imply that is happening without showing it. Cut the dying part and "experiments for perks" works.

You could, maybe, include experiments where someone died in an execution scene. One of your doctors looking at some screen showing vitals or whatever before the person died. Maybe something goes a little wrong and the prisoner almost gets free before he is killed which prompts the development of the collars and advancing the experimenting process which creates Cage and Crew. That could be the opening scene.

Are these the first prisoners experimented on? There probably should be others with very minor powers kept in isolation from the rest of the prison population. Even though they are weak, they wear collars which establishes they exist presently before any accidents (like with death row dude) with overpowered prisoners occur. Cage and Crew could be the first test with the newest process, granting them stronger powers and establishing why there aren't more super powered prisoners like them.

I think you have two films split between Cage/Diamondback and Cage/Wrecking Crew. Doing that would give you the opportunity to develop Diamondback a bit more. As far as I can tell, Stryker as Diamondback had no real story so he could be developed into an MCU villain for Cage similar to Killian in IM3.

I really like what you came up with here. You addressed the issues that I have raised and stayed more true to Cage's comic origins. I would watch this film.

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