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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - Part 1

Speaks VOLUMES about the films deafening buzz when the studio would rather have AFTER EARTH - a big budget action epic starring megastar Will Smith - have it's opening weekend face the combined 2nd weekends of FAST AND FURIOUS, THE HANGOVER 3, and EPIC than have AFTER EARTHS 2nd weekend face MAN OF STEEL's opening weekend.

The consensus around hollywood is GET OUT OF ITS WAY. As soon as MAN OF STEEL opens, it is going to hog almost all the attention from filmgoers. Look for 'This Is The End' to move at some point as well. Paramount has to be considering moving World War Z - a tough sell as is - as well. WWZ may be the most bomb of the summer in it's current spot.

Barring a massive marketing flop over the coming weeks, I see zero scenarios where MAN OF STEEL opens under $100 million, and I am beginning to suspect the $115-120 mark may be it's opening weekend floor. Which is a lot, but not THAT much.

Consider that with 3D ticket prices included, TDKR opens over 200 million. With 3d tickets and no shooting...TDKR does, like, 220 million+. $120 million is a lot, but in terms of ticket volume, it isn't really all time high.

Anything under $80 million would be extremely low.

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