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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread.

Originally Posted by jacobed View Post
I saw this last night. I thought it was alright. Rdj finally had some dramatic stuff to chew on and he isn't as annoying as he was in the other movies. The other characters? Yeah they're just there. Maya Hansen? I'm sorry why are you in this movie. Black brings it good with the action but eh who cares when the rest is not good. The whole lots of suits thing is just fan service, they definitely weren't needed. The bad guys once again are basically just bad versions of Iron Man but no armor this time. The main villain The Mandarin was decent. Kingsley was eye rolling. Not once did I feel he was threatening or anything. Onto the twist, everyone is talking about it. I didnt know about the leak of it so I went in with an oblivious mind and I thought the main one was pretty bad. It was a twist for the sake of being a twist and it was poorly done and completely unneccessary. There are a few other twists all of which I thought were poorly done and unneccessary. What did I like? Rdj was pretty awesome, loved the action and the new suit. Also the extremis idea for Tony is kinda cool though it makes no sense. It seems that Black tried to make a clever movie and failed. It seems he went in thinking ok this has to be clever instead of the cleverness just coming naturally. He has no understanding of any of the characters which ties into the ending which I both liked and completely hated. I understand what he was trying to do but its a complete 180 for the character and betrays everything we've gone through with him in 3 movies. The action keeps me from absolutely hating this. 7/10
Only the action keeps you from hating it and yet you give it a 7/10?

A movie I'm close to hating, would get no better than 3 or 4 from me. Different rating systems I guess, but still. A 7 is good in my book.

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