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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - Part 1
Man of Steel

- The film's early social network tracking has been very encouraging.
- Fan buzz has been incredibly high thanks in large part to Christopher Nolan's producing credit.
- Reboots have proven successful over the last few years, from Batman Begins to Casino Royale, Star Trek, and The Amazing Spider-Man.
- 2006's Superman Returns pulled over $200 million domestically. It's not hard to imagine a significant jump from that here with the increased buzz around Man of Steel, plus inflation and 3D+IMAX premium prices.
- The new trailer received a strong reaction at CinemaCon.

- The Superman brand hasn't been strong for among general audiences for several decades. Residual elements of over-saturation could still be a factor.
- Director Zack Snyder has had a rougher box office showing lately with films like Sucker Punch and The Legend of the Guardians.
- While The Amazing Spider-Man was successful, it still dropped off significantly from its predecessor--although its predecessor was in a different situation than Superman Returns. Either way, it may take one well-received film before general audiences embrace a new Superman franchise enough to send it to big blockbuster levels.
- The competition in June is fairly stiff with titles like World War Z and Monsters University opening in Man of Steel's second weekend.

Opening weekend: $108,000,000
Cumulative: $325,000,000


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