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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - Part 1

Read this elsewhere

1989 saw the first modern Batman movie with Tim Burton's film (in terms of a serious mature take on the character).

Before that, people (who didn't read comics) only knew of the campy 1960s Adam West. Since then, we've had a series of modern Batman know...minus the Schumacher films.

Make no mistake. Man of Steel will be the first modern Superman film to take the character seriously in a mature manner.

Before this, people (once again, those who didn't read comic) only knew of the campy, albeit charming, Richard Donner/Richard Lester/Bryan Singer films which portrayed an overly civic-minded Boy Scout that was ridiculously powerful enough to fly back in time and lift large land masses. This is what has caused fanboys to cry while creaming/crapping their pants.
For all the credit nolan get's alot of what he(and goyer) did was simply start putting the source material on the screen for the average person to see. Add to that the simple genius of giving a music video director a good script and at the very least we're looking at an IronMan 1 type of box office showing. I however think we're moving more towards a pirates/transformers type of showing. The main difference being the box office competition.

I just hope against hope that WB doesn't pull a begins/asm and release on Weds. Hold fast and make a statement.

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