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Default Re: Luke Cage introduced in Avengers 2, Hulk blasted into space

Yeah, Diamondback was a stretch. You could put the name as his 'street name' during his introduction before Cage goes to prison... or you could give him a jacket with diamond studs in it along the back (oooh, maybe a trench coat!) and either lampshade the nod or not. But yeah, it'd have to be when he's introduced, not after Cage returns.

You're right, death row for guinea pigs works better. This also takes care of the Reva problem, if the set up involves not only lots of drugs (PG-13 unfriendly), but Reva being found dead in his apartment.... and though I really hate she is a woman-in-refrigerator, I don't know how to get away from that and stay true to her story and leave things wide open for Jessica Jones.

And showing not telling the experiments works better too, like when they're 'touring' AIM or whatever, they get to see some poor sap have it not work out so well for them. Perhaps another nod to a Marvel character there. How bad do we hate Robert Reynolds?

I could also see the low powered prisoners in the background to establish. That AIM establishing stuff has to be rock solid, because that's where we enter the fictional world at, so it's gotta be tight all around, and set up as many things as necessary, maybe as many as possible, accounting for time and phlebotinum overload. As long as it's a whole intact logical system, it should be fine though. Perhaps introduce the Weaker super powered prisoners as used to quell a prison riot in no time.

If I spent more time on it, I would connect the Diamondback/Wrecking Crew stories more to turn it into one film, I'd also tweak the set up of MODOK so he'd be a likely villain for a sequel (Cages or someone else's), and drop in a lot more Easter Eggs (Misty Knight, Colleen Wing), though in the bizzarro world where there's a Luke Cage 2, i'd actually use Purple Man and/or Chemistro. The former because it relates so well to the Jessica Jones storyline, the latter because it's a (the only) powered villain that is actually Luke Cage's. I agree, Diamondback is more of a Killgrave, it'll be interesting to have a Gangbanger Mastermind character, it'd be fun as heck for me to write, take something that's supposed to be unintelligent and seed it with that kind of crazy as a fox stuff.

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