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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 General Discussion - Part 8

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
You guys are abusing the use of the word generic. If you're going to use a specific word or talking point to describe your dislike for some reason then find a more appropriate one. You sound like asses right now.

I'm pretty sure no matter how Rhino comes out looking you're going to call it generic because it looks like a Rhino.

Except no one has ever seen an electric blue zombie man wearing leather on screen before. :/

How about you wait until we see the actual final design in post before talking about how "generic" it looks, because right now not only do you sound ridiculous but also like you're abusing the word generic to describe your dislike with the design.
... I think you don't comprehend what we are saying very well and you're getting angry over it lol.

Generic means "run of the mill" you're picking apart his over all look to say "its not generic because "this detail" and "this detail" hasnt been done with "this detail" before" that doesn't stop him from still looking generic.... He's still a glowing blue dude, still yet another blue movie character, still an over-all look we've been shown over and over again. (that's what makes it generic) veins and leather don't change his over-all look

A giant rhino be it man, mutant, or machine has never been done before so by default not generic... The only way he'd be generic is if he were a mob boss named rhino .... And that was the extent of it.

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