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Default Re: // ' Lights, Camera, Action!': The Official Filming DOFP Thread [April15-Oct]

if he ends playing thunderbird, would be nice for a chance if he doesnt die, lol.

yeah, he died on the comics, but Bryan could leave his end open, and if they jump to the 80's next or one day, he could be wong and thats it.

We dont need another young mutant dying on the past, I think. It could get repetitive.

Jean died twice on the original trilogy, it was needed, its an iconic arc. But then Darwin died on FC, without a decent arc or something, and now Thunderbird too?

these types of death dont have an impact on the audience because they arent familiar with the characters yet, so it doesnt become something relevant at all. with no real emotional reaction on the audience. So I think if they dont want a character returning, there are many ways leaving them out on the next movie.

In fact, they are already doing it with Banshee and Havok, so...

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