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Default Re: Nolan wasnt any more "faithful" then Tim Burton

I get what you are saying. I think Batman's retirement in TDKR (the movie) was unfaithful to the character as well. Even in TDKReturns though he doesn't really retire, not like he did in the movie. He comes back. He can't escape being Batman, even in old age. And in Batman Beyond he only retires because he physically can't do it anymore. And then he gets back in the game by helping Terry. So the sort of total abandonment that we see in the film has no basis in the comics... Bruce never outgrows Batman as a character. He never gets over that or "moves on." I can't think of a single instance in the comics where that occurs.

So yeah, I agree with you, I just don't use the argument that TDKReturns doesn't count because it is Elseworlds... I'd instead say it doesn't count because we don't see Bruce retire in that way.

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