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Default Re: Nolan wasnt any more "faithful" then Tim Burton

Originally Posted by LuisTX85 View Post
-Bruce studied criminals in the underworld crime and trained But didn't find other very useful skills
What other useful skills did you want him to get? He learned martial arts, theatricality, deception, and purged his fear of Bats.

-Bruce is not the world's best detective
He did more detective work than any other movie version of Batman. He showed technical and forensic smarts in his detective work.

-Bruce/Batman relies too much on Fox
That I agree with.

-Young Batman retired within a year of his career where as a young new Batman would never give up even after what happened with Dent
His retirement had nothing to do with what happened to Dent. It was that Gotham didn't need Batman any more because crime was virtually abolished in Gotham thanks to Dent's legacy and the Dent Act.

Gordon: "We were in this together and then you were gone"
Bruce: "The Batman wasn't needed any more. We won"

Batman didn't become Batman to take on jay walkers and purse snatchers.

-Bruce/Batman is never as smart&confident as he should be
Smart and confident in what way? He's the only adapted version of the character, aside from Conroy, to play Bruce Wayne as a two sided coin. The playboy exterior and the real humanitarian Bruce Wayne.

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