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Default Re: Nolan wasnt any more "faithful" then Tim Burton

I actually agree with LuisTX85. Nolan's Batman was not the Batman of the comics but that's what made him vulnerable and that's why these movies were so gripping.

Batman in the comics is almost always a step ahead of his enemies. It's kind of impossible to outsmart Batman, so for Bruce to fall for Talia's ruse... that's very out of character for him. The comic book Batman would have smelled it coming from a mile away and planned accordingly. I also don't think he could have been so easily manipulated by the Joker into saving Dent instead of Rachel. Again I am NOT criticizing Nolan I am just pointing out that he did in fact strip Batman of some of his traits in order to tell a stronger story. The comic book Batman wouldn't have been pushed to the limit like he was in Nolan's world. By making Batman more "imperfect", it allowed for him to explore other themes and I'm fine with it.

Ultimately Nolan told a story about will. That's what defines his Batman. Not his smarts, not his wits... but his will. His Batman could be outsmarted. His Batman could be outmatched. But what no one else has is Batman's will, and because of that his Batman could achieve anything.

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