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Default Re: Storm VS Mystique

For me personally I'd go for Storm for mainly two reasons. I personally think the main female character should almost always be an X-(wo)Man and secondly Storm is (most likely still) the leader of the team. Halle also although not currently as popular as JLaw is still definitely a big name is the one of the few female actress in this film that I think most of the GA are actually know the name of. (I mean Famke who? Rebecca what?) And face it Mystique isn't the type of character that should be a lead character she should be more like the way she was in X2 with about the same screentime. Storm on the other hand kinda demands screentime.

I'd like to hear others arguments against this though. I personally would be fine with either of them as the lead, I love the both of them but I think Storm works better as a lead character.

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