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Default Re: If the Guauntlet fits, you must admit .... it's time for Thanos!

***** yeah, Thanos thread.

I'd like to see he and Magus as the villains in GOTG, then hopefully the main for A2. But unlike some I don't want to see him finished with at the end of Phase II; I'd like if he was defeated and then in the background for Phase III, only making maybe one or two appearances, and then returning to the spotlight for a full-on epic Infinity Gauntlet movie.

Or, he could be killed off in A2. That way it gives a good reason for why he won't be around in Phase III, and can be replaced by another villain as the big bad, like Ultron, then have him come back by either resurrection (like in the IG comic) or via time travel.

Either way, I don't think A2 will be the last we see of Thanos.

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