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Default Re: 300: Rise of an Empire

Originally Posted by eddy View Post
Out of the 4 "too late to care" CBM sequels(this, kick-ass 2, sin city 2, and red 2)being released this year,this will probably be the worst.
To be fair, Kick-Ass 2 and Red 2 are being released in an appropriate window of time. My reservations on Kick-Ass 2 however, is that possibly that the new director didn't 'get' the first film's emotional core and just wants to throw a bunch of action scenes into the flick.

That being said,yes this 300 sequel took way too long to get released. It's not even by Synder, 300 was a bit of a 'fad' movie so going back to that type of style now is almost archaic.

Where as with Sin City 2, at least the same team (for the most part) and Robert are back. This new director Noam a huge question mark.

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