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Default Re: Spidey Suits & Suit Creation methods. - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheGearMan View Post
Mostly advice I'm looking for boils down to two subjects: how does one make white eyes that one can see through, and where does one get spandex that comes in seven (ish) pieces?
Get an old boombox from the thrift store, pop out the speaker grilles and spray paint them white. Then you need to cut them to size, and form fit them to your face (don't cut yourself!) viola! You have some lenses. Put the hood over them, and the frames over the hood.

SPANDEX! Buy swimming suit material at your local fabric store (between $9-19 per yard, YIKES!) take your measurements, and feel free to use the pattern I have posted here several times to rough up the shape of the cuts.

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