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Default Re: Storm VS Mystique

Originally Posted by Duran Man View Post
I'd have to say Mystique should be the lead female character in this movie, assuming that her role in the movie is similar to the one she has in the comics (though, outside of her appearance in the DOFP storyline and her connection to Nightcrawler, I never gave a damn about Mystique).
Why do you think that her role in the comics would mean she needed lead role for the movie. In the comics both Storm and Kitty featured more prominently then she did. However I agree with you I like mystique best as sexy, silent, shape shifting assassin. Not as an insecure young woman or whatever her character will be like for this movie.

Originally Posted by def28
If they want to follow up on that and transition her into her X1 counterpart, that will require screen time.
There's the possibility that they may have Mystique already become the way she is in X1. They could explain her change in personality through the ten year gap. I completely doubt that though, but if that happened then there would be little reason for her to be a lead over Storm. As though you're right Mystique has a relationship with FC leads but Storm also has a relationship with the OT leads particularly Wolverine and Professor x.

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