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Default Re: Thor: The Dark World Trailer Thread

Originally Posted by Quasimod0 View Post
As i was reading this i looked over at your avatar and saw thor beating the crap out of iron man with his bare hands. lol. I'm sure he'll have some really cool displays of strength. They oughtta let some of us fans sit on as consultants for the action scenes. We'd suck with story, but when it comes to the action the fans usually know what would be cool. I can tell Joss was a fan.
Very true, I hope Thor peforms atleast one or two power punches in the film that sends his opponent soaring.

I'd also like a few super powered body slams, like the one he did on IM except leaving craters this time.

Originally Posted by J.Howlett View Post
For me, this trailer is all about how the aesthetic. I'm not particularly worried about the cast because their chemistry in the first film is the best in the MCU. But, I want to see a massive step up in aesthetic because I think this solo franchise has the most potential.

If Alan Taylor brings to the table what I think he will, oh boy...we might be in for something special.

Stepping up the action, grittiness, and overall scale/scope is all Thor's franchise needs really.

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