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Default Re: Storm VS Mystique

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
I agree with Nana about this franchise being called X-Men so the leads should be the actual x-men, not a supporting villain.

Thats why I think Singer and crew need to improve and put Kitty, Rogue on a higher level, in terms of development, quality, look, action and all. Storm included of course, same with Iceman.

And lets see what happens with the x-men on the 70's, the past really needs a team, so lets see what Bryan brings on the table.
I'd love for that to happen but they will more than likely push for certain characters for leads and others for support, I just hope that the leads are the actual X-Men that is my argument for having Storm over Mystique as the lead.

It also works as James and Michael will no doubt be the male leads so we'll get the FC perspective to the story so having Storm the female lead will allows us to get the perspective of the future mutants especially if Storm is still the leader of the x-men it'll mean she'll have interactions with the team as a whole as well as individually. It balances evenly both the FC and the OT sections of this movie and satisfies fans of both casts.

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