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Default Re: Nolan wasnt any more "faithful" then Tim Burton

Originally Posted by LuisTX85 View Post
-Bruce studied criminals in the underworld crime and trained But didn't find other very useful skills
He got all the skills needed to be Batman. They just focused more on his martial arts, theatricality, and deception more than his wits and stuff.

-Bruce is not the world's best detective
-Bruce/Batman relies too much on Fox
Agreed. These things bother me too. In my opinion, Batman's intelligence being so downplayed is the only thing that keeps Batman Begins and The Dark Knight from being 100% perfect (TDKR on the other hand has tons of other problems). It is really sad that Nolan did such a piss poor job with Batman's wits and intelligence since he nailed pretty much every other important aspect of Batman in BB and TDK (once again, TDKR is the big exception).

There is this line in Batman Begins that I just can't stand. I almost have to fast forward the film just so that I could skip it because it annoys me every time I see it. Basically, in the scene where Bruce wakes up and Fox tells him he developed an antidote and then gives him some complex science explanation to how he created the antidote, Bruce replies saying "Am I supposed to understand any of that?" And right there I just want to walk up to Nolan's Batman and say "Yes! Yes, you're supposed to understand every word of that because you're The Goddamn Batman and you trained your body and mind to perfection so that you could understand **** like that in such crisis! What the **** were you doing for 7 years?"

I will say this though. Nolan's Batman does more detective work than any other Batman in live-action so far. This isn't a defense towards Nolan but a criticism to all live-action versions of Batman for doing such a piss poor job at showing his detective skills. However, Batman's detective skills in the Nolanverse is still an improvement nonetheless. Hopefully we'll see the world's greatest detective in the reboot.

-Young Batman retired within a year of his career where as a young new Batman would never give up even after what happened with Dent
See, this is what bothers me about TDKR. If you look at the way BB and TDK are set up, they really seem like they're telling the story of the "young Batman", or the Year One Batman. You really get the feeling in those movies that this is the story of how Batman became the Batman that we all know and love. You can see how much Bruce grows from the beginning of BB till the end of TDK. Heck, by the end of TDK, he feels that he has finally become THE Batman at least from a mindset point of view (thing like becoming the world's greatest detective and such are assumed to come through experience). I believe that this is what Nolan and Goyer intended to do originally. I always viewed TDK's ending as the moment Bruce realizes that he needs to be Batman forever and that there is no true replacement for the Batman, and I remember most people saying the same thing too. That was basically Bruce's character arc in TDK - He wanted to quit and be happy only to learn that that wasn't an option.

The fact that I see people complaining about TDK's ending now because he went home and quit is a bit saddening to me because I don't believe that was the message of TDK and it was just Nolan deviating from whatever he originally intended to do with Batman 3 due to Ledger's death and other personal reasons. It basically confirms my biggest fear that TDKR has now bled into BB and TDK. Instead of people remembering TDK's ending as doing justice to the character for showing what separates Batman from any other vigilante/district attorney and for showing that Batman is willing to keep going no matter what (even if hunted down), most people will now always remember TDK's ending as the night Batman went home and quit for 8 years due to depression over his crush's death and also due to a stupid deus ex machina act that doesn't make much sense to begin with.

-Bruce/Batman is never as smart&confident as he should be
I already gave my two cents on Batman not being smart enough. I agree with you on that. However, I kinda liked how Batman wasn't fully there yet in confidence in BB and TDK. It goes back to what I said earlier about this being the Year One Batman. I personally loved how he was growing and becoming the Batman we knew as the story in those 2 movies progressed.[/QUOTE]

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