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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by milost View Post

Joker could get into secret mob meetings, disguise himself as an honor guard, abduct citizens with his hired help (helpful masked Clown thugs > scared little red scarfs) etc. I think he could easily slip into Bane's group and kill Talia after a dramatic knife fight to the death.

The Joker would probably use his nifty little shoe blade and Taters wouldn't know what hit her.

As for Bane's mask, nothing the Joker's glock or M76 couldn't handle. As far as masterminds and schemes, Joker would totally have something up his sleeve and be prepared to counter whatever nonsense Bane would have conjured up. Personal combat? The Joker made short work of prime Batman with dogs, net and crow bar. Brutish, slugger Bane wouldn't be a problem.

All Bane and the LoS would do is get in the way of Joker's fun with Batman, Gordon and Gotham. Joker would dispose of him in a couple of days, I'm sure.

It's hilarious how you give those reasons as to how Joker could kidnap and kill Talia when she could be surrounded by the League of Shadows(which is a group you seem to underestimate, lol). And if not, it's even more hilarious that you're not taking in the thought that Talia could defend herself, unlike mobsters.

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