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Default Re: The Official James McAvoy/Professor Xavier Thread

Just saw Trance. I've read some mixed responses to the film and my own impression is kinda mixed as well. James and the other two main leads were fine (Rosario Dawson particularly - I have a whole new level of respect for her), there was some great striking imagery like there always is in Boyle's films, but in the end it all felt rather overcooked and kinda empty and the movie just got tangled up in its own cleverness too much. Also, because of the constant twists and reveals it felt like James' character was never really realised and just was whatever the script demanded him to be in this moment or that.

Probably because James' character was royally messed up in this one, I wondered what exactly it will mean for Charles to be in a "darker place" in DoFP (well most likely not doing things James did in Trance heh). Maybe they'd actually go with that idea mentioned in an interview with James from a while ago where he said that maybe Charles gets addicted to Cerebro. Which would make sense because Cerebro would have been such a tempting way to be free of his broken body, in a sense.

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