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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

I think the Dark Knight (2008) and the Avengers (2012) were the most anticipated comic book movies of the decade, hands down. They were huge events that were celebrated on release and after.

Between Iron Man III and Man of Steel, that's a tough call. I think all Iron Man III has to do is be better than the second and audiences will be pretty impressed. I don't see it being better than the first one or Avengers though. Ben Kingsly as Mandarin has potential to be really special. As far as box office goes, I think Iron Man III is gonna kill it. It's coming right off the great success of Avengers, it has RDJ returning as the face of Marvel's current films, I think it's going to do well.

Man of Steel is a bit iffy. I'm excited but it's still up in the air. Too early to say what will happen. I LOVED the heck out of all the pre-release Superman Returns stuff back in 2006. The trailers were great (dare I say as good as the Man of Steel ones), the hype was definitely there. Then after the opening credits rolled it was apparent that there was something off with it. I sort of have that fear with this one as well. Hype is a helluva thing before going into a movie, it can sometimes break it for you.

I'll have to see Man of Steel before I can make that judgement. Atleast with Iron Man we've seen what it's capable of in three prior films.

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