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Default Re: If the Guauntlet fits, you must admit .... it's time for Thanos!

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
When thinking about it both of you guys have a point. While the scale of the threat does get bigger with each installment, giving the right story almost any character can be made into a bigger threat than the previous one. Take the Dark Knight Trilogy for example. It can be said arguably that the scale of threat level can go Bane>Joker>Ras Al Guhl or Joker>Bane>Ras Al Guhl depending on the right storytelling. Yet, Nolan went Scarecrow/Ras>Joker>Bane.
With that being said Whedon can definitely make the scale of Avengers villains work like this Loki/Chituri army>Thanos>Ultron.
Even in video games the biggest and baddest isn't always the final boss.
Agreed. If they go with the Age of Ultron story for A3, then that definitely has the potential to be bigger than both Loki and Thanos, even though at the same time it can be a complete step down.

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