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Default Re: Daredevil reboot in the near future?

I also would like to see DD back on the big screen again.

While the serie "the Sentinel" proved that the super senses could be adapted on a TV budget, I still doubt that the same could be said for the radar sense.

I remember their sad attempt with "the trial of the incredible hulk", and it was juste ridiculous.

And as for him not being "different enough" (from what, Batman ?), DD is a blind lawyer with super senses, a gift (since it's hard to lie to him) and a curse (when his loved ones died in his arm and he percieved everything, what can be more traumatic than that ?)

Plus he is the "core", the "central point" and the most "known" street level hero now that Spiderman is under Sony control. He is the one that can link everything, from the classical street level superheroes like Luke Cage and the vigilante who doesn't mix well with other superheroes because they only target traditionnal and non powered crime boss (like the Punisher, what other Superheroes worked really with him except DD ?)

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