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Default Re: Storm VS Mystique

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
Who do you think should be the female lead of the two? You're absolutely right that logically from everything we know so far Mystique is most likely the lead but I'd like to know who you personally think should take that spot and why?
Mystique for the same reasons. She has deeper ties to Charles, Magneto and Hank. While I'm personally not a fan of Ravens character in First Class she developed the most conflicts and development out of any other X-Girl in the series. I wanna see them follow through with giving us a proper Mystique and what consequences lie ahead for her early relationships and choices. Storm's relationships and background have never been explored. I'd like to see that but this isn't the film to do that given the consequences of the Future. IT's more of a fight to survive as a team in a reality that may not exist by the films end. To focus on Storms relationships and character in such detail as Mystique doesn't really fit in this this story imo. Mystique is already set up to evolve and has alot of personal space on Magnetos side.

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