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Default Re: Which characters do you think will appear in "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?"

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Except for, you know, all the evidence that *is* there.
The main cast is made up of original characters, I'm not denying that, and that doesn't really matter anyway. But that's not what you said. You said "The evidence shows that they're primarily interested in creating brand new characters on both the hero and villain side." and that's BS. Show me where there has been any indication that they intend on using original characters for other heroes and for villains. You can't, because there is none. the main cast is made up of original characters, that's all there is evidence of. This thread is about all of the other characters. And so far J. August Richards in a "top secret" role is all we have to go by in that aspect. Top secret indicates a character that we have previous knowledge of, though I'm only speculating.

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Until we get word of any "familiar superheroes and villains" as guest stars or new cast members, the show is almost entirely new characters. I'll be glad for you to prove me wrong someday, but for now, Jasper Sitwell is the only one you can score any points for.
I'm not saying that there WILL be "familiar superheroes and villains" I'm saying that your claim that the evidence says otherwise is bogus. There is no evidence of anything involving the other characters. The main cast has nothing to do with them.

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