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Default Re: Which characters do you think will appear in "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?"

Originally Posted by InternetPeople View Post
Until more information is released, this is all conjecture and neither one of you can be "right."
Not to sound arrogant or anything, but I am right. Because nothing I said qualifies as conjecture. I stated facts. It's not my opinion or my perception. My only claim is that there is absolutely no evidence that Marvel/Joss are "primarily interested in creating brand new characters on both the hero and villain side" THAT is conjecture. As if 6 characters says anything about the hundreds of characters that will potentially be involved in this series.

Now, although there is no evidence of anything, going by the synopsis released: "Prepare for an epic adventure that showcases the hope and wonder of the human spirit. This is a world of Super Heroes, aliens and the unusual – of action, spectacle and world spanning stories. The show will speak to the human condition through the lens of our very human, non-powered S.H.I.E.L.D agents – that together we are greater than we are apart, and that we can make a difference in the world." It's easy to believe and speculate that other familiar characters will be involved, though it will obviously not revolve around them

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