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Default Re: Comparing the villains of The Dark Knight Trilogy

Hmm, everyone but me has chosen Two-Face for appearance.

Yeah, the left side of his face is definitely inspired by the look from the long Halloween (explosion incident too) , but other than that? He's sort of his own thing.

- He's the only blonde haired Dent from any medium

- fire burns, not acid

- only one with burnt clothes (no two toned, tailored suit)

- no black and white, two toned suit

- no damage to his left hand

That's not a slight by any means, just seems weird that I seem to be the only one that's listed the Joker. I mean, purple suit, green and orange, even blue? Pinstripes? Check. Green hair? Check. White face? Check. Black circles around the eyes? Check. Ruby red lips? Check. Yellowish teeth? Check. Gloves? Check.

Only thing he's missing is a fedora at some points. Sure, he isn't perma white and he has noticeable scars, but still.


The only one close to Two-Face is this,

and that's one appearance.

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