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Default Re: Comparing the villains of The Dark Knight Trilogy

Originally Posted by milost View Post
- He's the only blonde haired Dent from any medium

- fire burns, not acid

- only one with burnt clothes (no two toned, tailored suit)

- no black and white, two toned suit

- no damage to his left hand
Well the blond hair and the cause of the burns don't really alter his appearance radically, IMO. Acid or fire, they still look like the comic scarring. Two Face rarely wore a black and white suit. I think BTAS was the show to do that first no? It was more that his suit, or at least his jacket, had the damaged half to reflect his 'bad' side.

As for no damage to his left hand, that's been in the comics, too:

Joker would be my close second choice for most like the comics visually.

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